Inmotion Vs. Bluehost: Which One Should You Choose?

To get a hosting site to fulfill your requirement, you need to look after your requirements. Several web hosting sites offer services that are not required for your business. Features like Performance, support, and pricing need to be analyzed properly. Therefore, we have brought you the analysis of Inmotion Vs. Bluehost, as they are popular names when it comes to web hosting.

Our Verdict in A Nutshell

In motion and Bluehost offer the same type of plan: WordPress, VPS, Shared, and dedicated. Unlike Bluehost, Inmotion provides a wide range of plans to choose from. For instance, when it comes to WordPress hosting, they offer six plans to choose from.

Round 1: Features & Ease of Use 

If you want a hosting web site, which can at least support two websites and offers a WordPress installer, backups daily, and is inclusive of a wide range of users, then Inmotion is apt for you.

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Contrarily, Bluehost can offer fast, secure, and futuristic features. Bluehost is fast but has traffic management features, which eventually adds to its perks as a business website. The cPanel makes it easy to use. 

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If ease of use and the features are your priority, then Bluehost must be your choice.

Round 2: Speed (Load Times)


With less difference between the two, Bluehost remains faster than the other. No aad-on or extra cost is required to increase the speed. The server is compelling, built to handle traffics quite well.

Even though Inmotion’s site states it as fast, it also offers an add-on of SSH & development in PHP, MySQL, Ruby Perl, PostgreSQL, and Python

So, while going for Inmotion Vs. Bluehost, in the section on speed, you can choose Bluehost as the best one.

Round 3: Prices & Plans 

Launch plan: $5.99 per monthBasic Plan: $2.95 per month
Power Plan: $5.99 per monthPlus Plan: $5.95 per month
Pro Plan: $14.99 per monthChoice Plus Plan: $4.95 per month
Pro Plan: $13.95 per month

The plans offered by Inmotion are costlier than Bluehost. The cheapest plan of Inmotion provides a free domain, up to 2 websites, SSD storage of about 50 GB, a security suite and, three times performance. However, the actual value of Performance is not mentioned and thus, makes the performance feature vague.

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Bluehost is cheaper. Its most affordable plan offers one website, 50 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, SSL certificate, 25 subdomains, five parked domains, and 1 included domain, five email accounts, and 100 MB email storage per account.

Therefore, Bluehost surpasses the requirements with clean chit, here, too. 

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Round 4: WordPress Integration 


Bluehost has been in the field of web hosting for a long time. Being in recommendation officially by, it fulfills all the requirements of a good web hosting site, especially when it comes to WordPress integration.

Inmotion, on the other hand, does not give this facility of WordPress in the shared Plan. However, it does provide an installer for WordPress, which is just one click away. 

So, while choosing the best one in the given web hosting sites, Bluehost can be chosen over Inmotion, specifically in WordPress integration.

Round 5: Hosting Features 

The most exciting section will now lead us to decide clearly as to which one is the winner among the two:


  • Free domain
  • Security Suite
  • Increased Performance and speed
  • SSL certificate security
  • Marketing tools


  • Offers an uptime of 99.99%
  • SSL certificate assures security
  • Spam experts, CodeGuard, domain privacy
  • Dedicated IP
  • Offers various methods like VPS, shared, dedicated hosting
  • Site Backup
  • Huge storage for email as well as website

With the numerous features, Bluehost proves itself to be the best in the market.

Round 6: Support 

Bluehost, being for so long in the market, has given its best support to its client. Due to this, it is renowned in the industry of web hosting. It offers support through live chat, phone, and email. 

Inmotion offers the same support as the Bluehost. It has divided the support option into four categories, making it easier for the clients to access information.

Therefore, both sites offer efficient support services to their clients.

Round 7: Uptime & Security 

Bluehost offers an uptime of 99.99%. The HTTPS protocol, SSL certificate (authorized by CA), provides the best security in Bluehost’s case.

Inmotion states that it provides 99.9% uptime, and there haven’t been complaints as such. It has a server software called Apache for security maintenance, which is equipped with the panel (cPanel).

So, with Bluehost’s security, the second option need not be considered.


Both the web hosting sites are efficient in their ways; however, the following points might make it easy for you to decide which one to choose among the two:

  • Bluehost must be chosen if you want to get on to a hosting plan which is pocket friendly, fast, and secure.
  • Inmotion can be chosen if speed and budget is not your issue.