NameSilo Vs. Namecheap: Which One to Choose?

A lot has been offered by web hosting sites this year. The importance of a website and online hosting hit us in these situations where the online market, education system, and e-learning flourished. Therefore, we have brought you an analysis of NameSilo Vs. Namecheap to explain how these web hosting sites can help you and which one you should choose.

Our Verdict in A Nutshell

We aim to state the bare minimum features that a good web hosting site must have and which one you should choose for your specific needs.

We can say that NameSilo, recently opened its gate for web hosting, is more pocket friendly than Namecheap.

Round 1: Features & Ease of Use 

Suppose you want a web hosting site that provides you with 20 GB storage, one website, cPanel easy handle control panel, easy WordPress installation, and website building at its cheapest plan. In that case, NameSilo is apt for you. 

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Contrary to this, Namecheap is pretty old in the business and provides many services, yet, it’s costlier and provides less comparatively. The cheapest plan of all offers only 20 GB SSD and three websites.

Regarding the basic features and ease of use, NameSilo appears to be a better choice than Namecheap.

Round 2: Speed (Load Times)

NameSilo Speed TimeNamecheap Speed Time
1.35 seconds1.5 seconds

Considering speed for NameSilo Vs. Namecheap, NameSilo is faster than the other one. Although NameSilo is new in web hosting, it has ensured an uptime of about 99.9 %. They use fast servers to ensure the stability of the network and ease of use during high traffic. 

For Namecheap, which is slightly slower, and the uptime often drops drastically.  

So, NameSilo takes it away from Namecheap in the given round.

Round 3: Prices & Plans 

NameSilo PriceNamecheap Price
Starter Plan: $2.99 per monthStellar Plan: $1.58 per month
Premium Plan: $4.99 per monthStellar Plus: $2.68 per month 
Turbo Plan: $8.99 per monthStellar business: $4.80 per month 

NameSilo comes with Starter, Premium, and Turbo plan, whereby you will be offered a lot more features than Namecheap offers.

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The Premium Plan is recommended for all those who wish to initiate a small start-up. It offers you 20 GB storage, three websites, easy use cPanel, easy WordPress installation, and a website builder.

Namecheap offers auto-backup and cloud storage but falls out of needs because of the fewer features offered.

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Here, undoubtedly, NameSilo wins over Namecheap in the race of NameSilo Vs. Namecheap.

Round 4: WordPress Integration 

NameSilo WordPress IntegrationNamecheap WordPress Integration

NameSilo offers a significant discount to those who are specifically into buying a yearly plan for WordPress Integration. It is the cheapest WordPress plan in the industry and offers third party registrar’s support. 

Namecheap comes with WordPress preinstalled but lacks the update system. While NameSilo has a less complicated operation process, it’s comparatively more difficult to deal with Namecheap WordPress. 

NameSilo, in this case too, wins over Namecheap.

Round 5: Hosting Features 

Now moving on to one of the best sections of our review, the feature-face-off. 


  • Lifetime free WHOIS privacy
  • Own domain registrar platform
  • Email encryption 
  • Customizable DNA templates
  • SSL certificate (plan-based)
  • Multiple targets and catch-all email forwarding 
  • Cheap plans
  • Uptime of about 99.9%


  • The latest technology of server
  • Pocket-friendly and secure; offers 30 free mail accounts
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Provides security against malware and threats
  • Offers multiple redundancies in the case of the network card, the power source or the speed of the servers
  • Offers backup twice a week

With no second thoughts, NameSilo can be preferred over Namecheap in the given race of NameSilo Vs. Namecheap.

Round 6: Support 

NameSilo provides a 24/7 live chat option. They also offer a knowledge base and frequently asked questions section, which can help you with your queries.

Namecheap provides pretty necessary support with live chat, too.

The support section of NameSilo is more efficient than Namecheap; therefore, the best option around.

Round 7: Uptime & Security 

NameSilo assures 99.9% uptime. They offer applications that can be fit for the native desktop or mobile. 

Regarding security, it offers 2-factor authentication, free advanced account security, elite website encryption, and email encryption.

Namecheap assures 99.9% uptime but mostly comes up with the uptime of 99.7%, which is pretty less. 

Concerning security, it doesn’t have free advanced account security or email encryption. 

So, while going for NameSilo Vs. Namecheap, NameSilo, would stand out for uptime and security purpose.


Undoubtedly, both NameSilo Vs. Namecheap has exceptional features, but they stand out because of their specific features. 

  • NameSilo must be chosen if pocket-friendliness, speed, security, and efficiency are your primary factors.
  • You can go for Namecheap for various options in the hosting field.