TSOHost Review: UK-based Hosting at a Budget-friendly Price?

Since 2003, tsoHost has been providing a range of hosting solutions to key clients throughout the UK and further afield. In this review, we have weighed up the “pros” and “cons” to help you decide whether they are a suitable host for your website or project.

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If you’re here strictly looking for a UK host, tsoHost should be on your list somewhere. They don’t even bother converting their currencies in USD or EUR.

Launched by the Paragon Internet Group in 2003, tsoHost today powers over half a million websites.

Just because tsoHost is based out of the UK in Maidenhead it doesn’t mean they only have UK customers; their customers can be found in all corners of the world—from Asia to the America(s).

Paragon, tsoHost’s founding parent company, also owns Hostroute and Vidahost.
Paragon, in turn is owned by HEG (Host Europe Group) which is further owned by GoDaddy.

So, the big question then—is tsoHost any good? Are they a company worth giving your money and trusting with your website?

That is what we are setting out to answer in this review. We have weighed up the “pros” and “cons” to help you decide whether or not their shared hosting plans are right for you.

Let’s get to them!

What’s Unique About tsoHost?

tsoHost has a strong and active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. On these platforms, they provide basic customer support, much like many of today’s biggest companies do, by replying to tweets, comments, and other interactions.

Often, a reply will be posted to queries within a few hours.

If only more hosting companies fully embraced the power of social media as tsoHost does.

What We Love About tsoHost

These are some of the things that we love about tsoHost.

tsohost features

Free Domain*

Let’s get straight to the thing everyone loves, a free domain. 

Tsohost offers free domain – irrespective of what plan you buy.

But, with free domain comes conditions.

Conditions being, only .UK and Second Level .UK domains are free, and will be free only after the first year. 

Lots and Lots of Storage

Yep, you read it right, tsoHost gives 100GBs of storage for the Economy Plan which is certainly an overkill; but hey, it doesn’t hurt anyone to have extra storage.

Given that the average WordPress installation is below ~800 MB, you can see exactly how far your 100GB GB will stretch. 

Other plans offer Unlimited Storage, you won’t be worried about disk space ever.

All plans come with a truly unrestricted, unlimited amount of bandwidth. This is great news because, unlike with many other hosting companies, your website won’t be throttled or taken offline if you have high bandwidth usage. 

In addition to this, you get unlimited FTP accounts for easy file transferring and management alongside free, daily automated backups on every single plan.

More often than not when we write information similar to the above, we have to put asterisks next to everything and explain that while it’s unlimited, it isn’t really and while free backups are provided, they’re not that good.

In this situation, there’s nothing to complain about.


tsoHost offers a third party premium serviceFlockMail with every plan – 100 Mailboxes comes with the Economy plan which is something good to start with!

FlockMail is an upcoming alternative to Slack.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

tsoHost offers a 30-day guarantee which is industry standard at this point but it’s good to have.

If you are unhappy for any reason within the first 30 days of opening your shared hosting account, you are free to cancel and receive a full refund including the time already used, less domain registration fees which are non-refundable

Domain registration fees are only applicable if you have used their “free” domain name offer.

1-Click App Installs

Using Softaculous, you can install a huge range of applications with just a single click. This includes content management systems such as WordPress, Google Apps, and a huge range of additional third-party tools and resources.

Although tsoHost offers WordPress hosting plans, these cost exactly the same as their cloud shared hosting plans and come with all the same features. The major difference is that WordPress comes ready-installed—that’s it.

We will explore plans in further detail later.

24/7 Customer Support

tsoHost provides 24/7 customer support through a large range of help channels, including social media.
Support covers everything from general queries to more technical problems with specialists on-hand to help around the clock.

Free Website Migration

tsoHost offers all its new customers a free website transfer absolutely free of charge. This eliminates the stresses, problems, and any potential breakages that could occur when moving your website from your old host to tsoHost.

While you can handle your own migration through cPanel, it is always a good idea to have the professionals handle it for you.

To request your free migration, simply contact tsoHost customer support.

Things We Didn’t Like About tsoHost

There were quite a few things we didn’t like.

No SSDs Used

First of all, tsoHost does not use solid state drives (SSDs) as part of their hardware infrastructure; they use outdated hard disk drives (HDDs) that are slower and are unheard of as of 2020 standards.

First of all, tsoHost does not use solid state drives (SSDs) as part of their hardware infrastructure; they use outdated hard disk drives (HDDs) that are slower and are unheard of as of 2020 standards.

SSDs have been around for quite a few years now and it is becoming more and more difficult for us to recommend hosts that don’t use them.

SSDs are faster and better in every way possible—by having your files hosted on SSDs instead of HDDs, they will load faster. This, of course, means your website’s pages will load faster resulting in higher rankings and better user experience.

We understand that replacing HDDs with SSDs is expensive, but customer experience should always be a host’s top priority.

tsoHost does provide SSDs but only for their VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server tier – very disappointing

Expensive SSL Certificate

Major hosting companies include a free SSL certificate as standard whereas some charge for it.
Well, tsoHost is certainly the latter one. 

tsoHost charges for SSL Certificate for its Economy and Deluxe plans about £41/yr (£20 with the discount).

This is just outright unacceptable at times where people all the top rated companies offer it for free; if not, cheaper.

It’s not as if you can avoid having an SSL certificate, either.

In this day and age, internet users are becoming increasingly savvy.
Indeed, one of the first things that a person will look at when visiting your website is security, especially if you store their personal information or handle transactions.

The absence of an SSL certificate screams “this website isn’t secure!” and it is enough to put most people off.

It’s not so bad if you are just running a blog (but you should still have one)! 

Running anything else without an SSL certificate? Forget about it!

Also, Google labels websites as insecure if they do not have an SSL certificate, and the last thing you want is Google telling your site’s visitors that your website isn’t safe—what impression do you think that is going to leave?

No Native Security Features

tsoHost does not have any built-in native security features such as anti-malware protection or anti-DDoS protection.
They do offer a ‘free’ website security check but it isn’t really fruitful in reality.
The only security you’re getting up-front is an SSL Certificate that you may have to pay for considering your plan.

Lots of hosting companies include even basic anti-malware tools. It’s just something that we expect to see, and it is a shame that tsoHost does not offer it.

The only security option they offer is a monthly subscription of Sucuri – which is a 3rd party service and not something offered natively.

Below Recommended Uptime

Month-on-month, tsoHost fails to deliver uptime above our recommended minimum of 99.95%.

Although 99.95% uptime sounds like a lot—almost perfect, in fact—it really isn’t; you want to be seeing uptime of 99.99% to 100% to stand the best chances of ranking your website with a particular host.

This is because uptime is used by Google as a ranking factor, a very important one, in deciding where to position your website for a given search result.

We can never recommend a hosting company that does not consistently achieve 99.95% uptime or better. Unfortunately, tsoHost has recently dropped as low as 98.28%.

UK-Based Servers Only

As a UK-based hosting company, tsoHost only has servers based in the UK. Unfortunately, the company has not seen fit to expand beyond the UK and get data centers in other locations.

If you are a UK-based website targeting a UK-based audience, this isn’t a problem.

If, however, you are based in the US, this could be problematic.

By targeting a US audience with a US website but hosting it in the UK, you are sending your US-based traffic to the UK and this can result in slower page loading speeds because your visitors’ data has to travel farther afield. Hosting like GreenGeeks may fit you better for US only traffic.

Servers hosted overseas can slow your site down as data transfers take a bit longer. This, of course, means slower page speeds and the possibility of lower Google rankings.

For the UK or European audiences, UK-based servers are absolutely fine. In fact, they would be better than US-based servers.

Restrictive Payment Terms

tsoHost’s Terms of Service contain a few bits of information that you need to know about.

First of all, invoices that are a mere few days overdue will mean your account is suspended. Sometimes problems can happen, and bills temporarily go unpaid; most hosting companies will give you at least one week, if not longer, to sort the problem out. Not tsoHost, though.

Secondly, you can only pay in British Pound.
As a US resident (or resident of any other country, for that matter), you will need to pay exchange rate fees with most banks.

These can be as much as 5%. Also, let’s not forget that the UK does not display VAT (sales tax), so you need to add on 20% for this, too.

tsoHost Pricing

tsohost plans and pricing

tsoHost offers cPanel Shared Hosting in addition to Cloud Shared Hosting and WordPress Shared Hosting.

In reality, all these are the same; the only difference being that Cloud Shared Hosting plans comes with cPanel and WordPress Shared Hosting comes with WordPress pre-installed.

That’s literally it.

So, without further ado, here’s a quick breakdown of tsoHost’s cPanel shared hosting plans. There are four to choose from


Economy is aimed at small blogs and startups.


Deluxe is aimed at small-to-mid-sized websites with a fair amount of traffic.


Ultimate is aimed at larger websites with lots of traffic (e.g. eCommerce stores or large multi-contributor blogs.)


Maximum, well, it supports upto 200 sites and I’ve no idea what kind of use case it serves in real life.

*Excluding 20% VAT

All tsoHost’s cPanel shared hosting plans include a free domain name when you purchase a plan for 12 months or more. 

You can choose only from .uk TLD and its Second level domains. 

tsoHost Review : Final Thoughts

Things with tsoHost started off well, however, there are too many drawbacks for us to be able to recommend them.

First of all, the absence of even the most basic security features such as anti-malware and anti-DDoS protection made zero sense to us.

Also, their below-average uptime means that tsoHost isn’t exactly suitable for hosting a website that has any chance of ranking well on Google.

So far as pricing is concerned, the plans are relatively decent. However, remember that you need to add a 20% sales tax (VAT) on top and, if you are outside the UK, you may need to pay exchange rate fees.

Not having any data centers in the US/Asia may also be problematic for websites targeting a US/Asia audience.

If you live in the UK and want to support your local business, tsoHost is one considerable host.