SiteGround Hosting Review: Are they as good as people say?

SiteGround is a web hosting service you may already have heard of, and for good reason–they are one of the best in the industry. Whether you are looking for a shared hosting plan to create a personal website or launch a WordPress-based blog, they have you covered.

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- Budget-friendly plans

- 99.9% uptime

- Amazing customer support

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Founded in 2004, SiteGround is a renowned web hosting service that hosts over 2 million sites worldwide. Maybe yours could be next?

Known for their competitive pricing model, high-quality customer service, and premium features such as Cloudflare CDN given as standard to all their customers, it is no wonder that they are a market leader… at least on paper.

It is by far one of the world’s most popular user-friendly hosting services. However, does this popularity hint to the overall service quality? Is SiteGround worth considering if you are setting up your own website?

Looking at SiteGround pros and cons, we will share everything you need to know to set up a well-performing website.

Carry on reading our SiteGround Hosting review to find this out and much, much more.

SiteGround Review : What We Love About Them

siteground features
SiteGround Features

Boy, this section is going to be lengthy. SiteGround certainly made a fantastic impression throughout the entire reviews process—get ready for lots of praise!

SiteGround is a “Boutique” Company

By that, we mean that SiteGround has not been bought out by one of the “big box” brands and turned into yet another faceless corporate drone.

This means that the overall service level, as we will come to find out during the course of this review, is very high. Hosting companies often get absorbed by larger firms and when this happens, there’s a certain degradation in overall service quality.

SiteGround provides a highly personalized service that suits different needs and by operating as an independent company, they are able to provide the best service.

SiteGround Pricing Scales Very Well



Regular $11.95/mo.

1 Website
10 GB Web Space
~ 10,000 Visits Monthly
Unmetered Traffic



Regular $19.95/mo.

Unlimited Websites
20 GB Web Space
~ 25,000 Visits Monthly
Unmetered Traffic



Regular $34.95/mo.

Unlimited Websites
30 GB Web Space
~ 100,000 Visits Monthly
Unmetered Traffic

With web hosting, it is often difficult to compare and contrast different pricing structures to determine overall value. This is because no one hosting service is the same, or gives the same level of service at a comparable price.

SiteGround has 3 hosting plans to choose from, and each one gives you plenty.

This pricing structure is very competitive and SiteGround regularly offers hefty discounts. Right now, there are huge savings to be had:

  • StartUp is $3.95 per month instead of $11.95;
  • GrowBig is $5.95 per month instead of $19.95; and
  • GoGeek is $11.95 per month instead of $34.95.

The longer the subscription duration, the better.

So, if you sign up for 3 years on GrowBig-perfect for start-up sites with big ambitions-you’ll only pay $214.20 instead of the regular price, $718.20. That’s a saving of 70%!

When deciding on a hosting plan, there are two things you need to pay attention to aside from pricing: domains and disk space.

The fact that you can host unlimited websites for $5.95 with a 20GB of disk space on the GrowBig plan is a huge tick in our book! This may not sound like much, but it is.

Is SiteGround Good For WordPress?

To illustrate this point, let’s use WordPress–the CMS that runs about half of the web–as a case study.

WordPress Installation: Around 30 to 35MB.

Themes: Anywhere between 1 and 10MB.

Plugins: There’s no “typical” plugin size, but no more than around 150MB total.

Once you have WordPress, a theme, and your plugins installed, you are looking at around 200 to 250MB of disk space used in extreme cases but most sites will be well under 200MB.

That leaves you with 19.8GB remaining.

Posts and multimedia also take up space, as does your database. The amount of space these take up depends on:

  1. How much of it there is; and
  2. Whether you optimize (compress) your images.

The second point is especially important. Images should be compressed and kept as low as possible, ideally below 100kb, for user experience and SEO purposes.

Think about this SiteGround review page for instance. There are roughly 6 images and each image can easily hit 1MB in size if they’re not optimized. That’s 10MB for one review! If you run a blog where you publish posts often, you will post 10 blog posts in no time. And the total would come out to 100MB for 10 blog posts! Always compress your images!

Some statistics provided by web hosting companies have shown that the average WordPress installation uses 1GB of disk space for a single installation. This can, of course, swing in either direction depending on the use case.

Our point is that 20GB is enough disk space for multiple WordPress installations without you running into any problems. With one installation, the potential for scalability is huge.

$5.95 per month for unlimited domains and 20GB of disk space is an excellent deal.

SiteGround Uptime is Remarkable

Uptime is one of the most important factors you need to consider.

Regular occurrences of downtime, even if it is just for five-or-so minutes, can have a serious impact on your website’s rankings in Google search results pages. If your site is down a lot, Google isn’t going to be placing you on the search results…

siteground uptime
SiteGround Uptime

SiteGround recognizes this and it is clear that they work hard to ensure they are never, ever offline—at the time of writing, SiteGround boasts an uptime rate of 99.99%!

This is quite rare to see… most hosting companies experience bouts of downtime and the fact that SiteGround is almost 100% speaks volumes for not only their service quality, but the quality of their hardware.

This claim has been tested to be true by multiple reviewers as well.

Everything is Fast—Perfect for Creating Optimized Sites

Speed is another vital metric that Google uses to rank your site in search engine results pages. If your website is slow, you simply won’t appear very high in them. Unfortunately, if your web host’s servers are inherently slow then there is very little you can do to improve your website’s page loading speeds.

Given that a single second’s delay in loading can cause almost a 10% decrease in conversions, speed is a metric you need to prioritize and account for when choosing a web host.

Unsurprisingly, speed is another factor that SiteGround takes good care of. Coming as standard with all hosting packages, SiteGround provides these speed-boosting extras:

  • SSDs that are significantly faster than HDDs;
  • Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (see below!);
  • PHP 7, a server-side scripting language that boosts speed dramatically;
  • HTTP/2, the latest network protocol; and
  • Supercacher that lets you choose between static or dynamic caching.

With loading speeds as quick as 200 milliseconds, with SiteGround your website is in safe hands.

Account Management is a Breeze

SiteGround knows that convenience is important and they have a great members’ account management area that makes managing everything simple-with SiteGround, you don’t need to be a tech wizard to make everything work.

Within their account management area, you can easily access, modify, and manage everything. Monitor your websites, make changes to them, view your billing status, manage support tickets, and track everything with ease.

From here, you can head over to your cPanel area where you can manage your site’s more technical settings such as DNS and webmail.

If you need help with anything, support is just a click away.

WordPress Installation and Management Made Simple

Now we don’t know about you, but we are big fans of WordPress.

As a CMS, it powers a massive chunk of the internet-our website included-and SiteGround makes it easier than any other web hosting provider to get up and running with WordPress.

In addition to this, they offer a plethora of specialized tools built for it.

After a few clicks, WordPress will be installed and you can get to work with building your website.

SiteGround even has their own section in the forums where real representatives regularly answer queries. This is the type of service level we expect from a leading provider of WordPress-optimized hosting solutions.

Need Help? SiteGround Customer Service Are Seconds Away

siteground support

As you may expect with a highly-favored and well-established hosting company, customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The customer support teams are very responsive and knowledgeable.

They provide the same (high) level of support even after you have made a purchase and handed your money over.

With support channels available over email, live chat, and the telephone for old school customers, your lifeline (no pun intended) is a mere few seconds away. SiteGround has even gone so far to guarantee that there are zero wait times for both live chat and telephone support, something we put to the test:

As you can see, our support query was answered almost instantly by a support agent who communicated clearly and answered our query without beating around the bush.

This is what we like to see—other companies and industries should take note! SiteGround’s customer support can handle technical questions and will even help you migrate your existing website from a different hosting company for free.

Free Website Migration

siteground migrator

If you’re someone who is having some hosting issues and looking at an alternative hosting provider, you’ve come to the right place. That’s right, they will even migrate your website for free.

There are three options for you if you already have a website:

  1. Request a transfer using the Setup Wizard during SiteGround registration.
  2. Contact their customer support team; or
  3. Transfer it yourself.

We recommend one of the first two options… after all, what’s the point of creating more work for yourself? SiteGround is offering to do it for you!

SiteGround does not charge you for the privilege of having them do the transfer. Website migration could not be any easier.

Things SiteGround Can Improve On

While SiteGround is great, there are some areas where room for improvement exists.

Personalized Storage Space

There are some limitations with their plans, and one of these is disk space; something that is limited across all their shared plans.

Take this information with a pinch of salt, though.

There are a lot of web hosting companies that make a big song and dance about the fact they offer “unlimited” disk space. While they do on the face of it, there are typically strict conditions (“anti-abuse” conditions) along with slow bandwidth attached to this “unlimited” claim.

As we have seen, disk space isn’t likely to be a problem at all.

The 10GB on the StartUp plan is more than enough for a blogger, and 20GB on the GrowBig plan is way more than enough for multiple high-level installations.

There are plenty of big websites managing fine on a single installation with just 5GB!

How could SiteGround improve on this front? By giving their customers the amount of disk space they need on a case-by-case basis instead of applying limits across the board.

Rest assured, this is a non-issue and we’re just nit-picking.

Setup Fees for 1-Month Trials

siteground one month fee

This is a quick one—SiteGround charges customers setup fees for those who want to give a 1-month-try. We see these fees as pointless charges that should have been left in the last decade!

These fees are, of course, one-off fees to deter trials. They want people to fully commit themselves. It is something we really don’t like to see but it’s nothing major.

It is worth noting that these setup fees only apply to their rolling monthly plans, not their 12, 24, or 36-month plans.

The perks are all there for committing long term – if you sign up for 1, 2, or 3 years, you get a significant 70% discount and there are no setup fees.

SiteGround Review: The Bottom Line

Let’s sum all this up, then!

  • SiteGround is an established hosting company, founded in 2004.
  • Their pricing is very competitive and scalable.
  • All websites are lightning-fast thanks to SSDs and other extras.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • SiteGround boasts 99.99% uptime, essential for your site’s success.
  • Customer support is very fast, knowledgeable, and 24/7.
  • You get plenty of disk space when compared to other hosts.
  • At 70% off, their hosting plans are an absolute bargain.

These are just a few of many reasons that SiteGround is one of the best, if not the best hosting companies out there for shared hosting solutions.