Hostinger Review: A Brilliant & Cheap Shared Hosting Service

With Hostinger, launching your very own website is easy and it won’t break your bank! With friendly customer support, a global, reliable network, an easy-to-use product and control panel, and a 30-day money-back guarantee; there is plenty to love!

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hostinger- 99.98% uptime

- A bespoke, easy-to-use control panel

- Frequent promotions/freebies/discounts

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Hostinger is an employee-owned hosting services provider headquartered in Europe. Launched in 2004, there are over 30 million worldwide users of their services. They are known to have employed over 400 people globally.

Originally founded as “Hosting Media”, Hostinger has expanded and established itself as a serious name in the hosting industry.

They provide simple, straight to the point, cheap web hosting solutions—Hostinger does not pretend to be something it is not.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly hosting provider that gives you complete and unfettered reign to do whatever you want, Hostinger may be right for you… that is, if the service is of a good enough quality; not all hosting providers, especially “cheap” ones, are.

This is what we are going to find out today by looking at the stand-out pros and cons of Hostinger.

Hostinger Review : What We Loved

Want to know what Hostinger does really well? Check out this list of things we love.

Hostinger Had 99.98% Uptime Over the Last 12 Months

Hostinger uptime

Over the last year—between March 2019 and March 2020—Hostinger’s uptime has stood at 99.98% when averaged out.

Uptime is one of the most important factors you should be looking at when deciding on a hosting company. If a hosting service has bad uptime statistics—anything below 95% should be considered horrible and the closer to 100%, the better. The more time your website spends offline, the more trouble your visitors will have.

The knock-on impact of this comes in two distinct forms:

  1. You will struggle to rank your site highly in Google search results; and
  2. Your visitors will be put off and may never return. This can result in lost revenues, cause leads to go cold, and put a strain on your business.

You may think that 95% uptime sounds like a lot… but, in reality, it translates to almost 20 days’ worth of downtime:

  • 95% uptime means uptime of 346.8 days;
  • 90% uptime means uptime of 328.5 days; and
  • 80% uptime means uptime of 292 days.

Hostinger’s 99.98% uptime in the last 12 months means that they experienced downtime of around 100 minutes – virtually nothing spread over the year.

Become a part of Hostinger now!

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Unbeatable Prices

Whether you’re a lucky individual or not, it does not matter. Hostinger runs promotions all the time and you can easily take advantage of their super cheap hosting this way.

hostinger pricing
Hostinger Pricing

You not only pay a meager $0.89 per month, but you also get an SSL certificate for free on top.

This price is honestly unbeatable in the industry. There is no way you will find a deal like this let alone from a hosting company of this level of service.

The promotions run quite frequently so you can check in once in a couple of days if it’s not running now.

Top-Shelf Customer Support

Hostinger operates throughout the world with offices spread across multiple countries. This really pays off on the customer support-side of things because it means their customer support agents are multilingual; there is usually an agent available who can speak any given language.

Furthermore, Hostinger offers support across two channels: email and live chat. Unfortunately, there is no phone-based support, however, this is something that is quickly dying out.

Live chat support is limited to customers who have already registered an account.

Before reaching out to customer support, we recommend taking a look at Hostinger’s extensive knowledge base—it covers common customer support queries and features plenty of in-depth guides.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

One big plus about Hostinger, though, is the fact that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their hosting plans. While this is a standard practice in the industry, there are plenty of hosting companies that offer no refund guarantee; any that do immediately shoot up in our estimations!

Thanks to this guarantee you can try out most of their services and get a refund if you don’t like what you see.

Unmetered Plans are Available

It is often the case that “cheap” hosting providers add strict, hard limits to all their plans.

These limits the number of domains (and thus websites) you can run from your plan, the number of email accounts you can create, and the amount of disk space you can use up with your websites and any other installations such as WordPress.

Hostinger, however, only places limitations on its basic “Single Shared Hosting” plan.

Their Premium and Business plans all come with unlimited websites, email accounts, bandwidth, and additional processing power.

Their “Single Shared Hosting” plan is still nothing to be sniffed at, though. 100 GB of bandwidth is plenty to run a single website on.

The only thing that is limited on their plans is the amount of SSD space you can use.

On their Single, Premium, and Business Shared Hosting plans, the disk space you get is 10, 20, and 100 GB respectively.

This is more than enough to deploy a full-scale WordPress website with plugins, add-ons, a custom theme, and still have tons of room for additional content.

For reference, the average WordPress installation full of plugins is less than 250 MB, or 2.5% of your total disk space on the basic, limited, Single Shared Hosting plan.

Hostinger is a Dream to Use

Hostinger control panel interface

With a responsive, easy-to-use interface that has had a lot of in-depth design work performed on it, you can handle everything related to your account from a single, clear location. Updating your billing information, managing your websites, and accessing your emails can all be done from their control panel.

While Hostinger does not use cPanel, their own bespoke control panel is simple enough to use; it is designed specifically for beginners who want a lightweight, intuitive website management tool.

Things Hostinger Can Improve On

So, what can Hostinger do better?

Use “traditional” cPanel, maybe?

Although Hostinger’s own control panel is great, it’s not as good as good old, traditional cPanel. It’s the open-source software that is used by millions of webmasters worldwide. Why try to fix and change what’s not broken?

hostinger cpanel
Hostinger cPanel – ‘hPanel’

If you are a semi-experienced webmaster or have even run a simple HTML site before, you have likely come across cPanel. If you have grown accustomed to it, you may not like Hostinger’s control panel as it is a little different to cPanel, like HostNine, and lacks some advanced features.

It would be nice if Hostinger offered cPanel in addition to their own solution – hPanel.

Open Their Live Chat to Pre-sale Inquiries

Restricting their live chat customer support to customers with registered, paid-up accounts makes very little sense; lots of potential customers may be lost because they want to ask a pre-sales question and get an answer straight away.

Live customer support should not be put forward as a “premium” feature, it’s something that all companies should be offering as standard… it’s 2020 after all!

Money-back Guarantee Isn’t “No Questions Asked”

If you have a read of Hostinger’s Refund Policy, you will notice a few exceptions.

Under this policy, you can get a refund for:

  • SSL certificates;
  • Domain name transfers (except .eu and .es transfers); and
  • All hosting plans aside from payments after a free trial.

You cannot be refunded for:

  • Domain name registration (unless a refund is requested within 4 days);
  • Domain name renewals;
  • Privacy protection products (WHOIS guard);
  • Redemption fees;
  • Admin and setup fees; and
  • Domains with the following TLDs: .be, .br, .ca, .ch, .cz, .dk, .es, .eu, .fr, .hu, .it, .nl, .nu, .pl, .ru, and .se

This is unlikely to have an impact on most people, but it is well worth knowing.

Hostinger Pricing – Upsell Web Tactic

Hostinger’s pricing follows standard industry-wide pricing tactics. These show you the lowest possible amount of money you can pay for a given plan… if you subscribe for X amount of years!

Let’s take a look at Hostinger’s “Business Shared Hosting” plan.

hostinger pricing tactics review

As you can see, Hostinger’s Business Shared Hosting plan, priced at $15.99 when you subscribe on rolling month-to-month plan, costs:

  • $6.99/month when you subscribe for 12 months, $108.00 in total;
  • $4.99/month when you subscribe for 24 months, $119.76 in total; or
  • $3.99/month when you subscribe for 48 months, $191.52 in total.

Taxes are then added on top at a rate of 20%.

The longer you subscribe for, the more money you save. If you are serious about launching and managing your own website (and you should be since you are looking at professional hosting), then you need to be thinking in the long-term.

$191.52 for 4 years’ worth of quality shared hosting is a great deal, and will save you $576!

Hostinger Review : Final Thoughts

Hostinger is a pretty good shared hosting service and we don’t have any major complaints. For the relatively cheap price you pay—Hostinger calls itself a “cheap” hosting solution—you get a lot in terms of value, especially if you purchase a plan for the long-term. Also:

  • Fantastic uptime at 99.98%;
  • Multilingual customer support thanks to Hostinger’s global operations;
  • Budget-friendly plans, some of which have unmetered elements;
  • A bespoke, easy-to-use control panel (no cPanel, though…);
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee (with a few noted exceptions…);
  • Free domain name included with all plans;
  • A basic website builder (although it’s not the best available); and
  • Fast website loading times.

These are just a few of many positive aspects associated with Hostinger.

Do we recommend Hostinger?

Yes, we do. While they are perfect for everybody—advanced users being an exception (unless you simply want cheap hosting)—they offer a budget-friendly product that is easy-to-use, gives you lots in terms of features, and is reliable.