Namecheap Vs. Bluehost: Which One Is Apt for You?

Web hosting sites have become an integral part of our shopping. Whenever we have to check the features, prices, or any other specifications, we rely on those products’ official websites to tell us about that product in detail. 

But, to run those businesses, efficient web hosting sites are also required. Namecheap Vs. Bluehost, being infamous names in the area of web hosting sites, caught our attention. Therefore, we have brought you our outlook towards them in the given article.

Our Verdict in A Nutshell

Namecheap and Bluehost offer the same type of services but with detailed plans. The comparison is pretty difficult, but with the following analysis, we can say that Namecheap is cheaper than Bluehost. However, the functions might vary.

Round 1: Features & Ease of Use 

Namecheap is up for you if you want a website with affordable prices and numerous domain extensions. As a perk, they also come up with discounts from time to time.

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Bluehost can be your choice if you want single website hosting so that the registration of the domain is provided to you free of cost. The control panel, named cPanel, provides you with the easy handling of the website. So, it is easy to use Bluehost as compared to Namecheap.

Round 2: Speed (Load Times)


The speed of the websites matters a lot. Although the speed difference is not relatively less, it is significant as it affects search engine optimization. 

Bluehost, with its powerful server, assures speed. It also claims to provide an uptime of 99.99%, one of the highest in the market.

Namecheap offers an uptime of 99.9%. But the perk is that that it states that if it fails to do so, 1-day service prolongation will be provided.

But, with the fast server and speed, Bluehost stands out and wins the game. 

Round 3: Prices & Plans 

Stellar Plan: $1.58 per monthBasic Plan: $2.95 per month
Stellar Plus Plan: $2.68 per monthPlus Plan: $5.95 per month
Stellar Business Plan: $4.80 per monthChoice Plus Plan: $4.95 per month
Pro Plan: $13.95 per month

The pricing offered by Namecheap is cheaper than Bluehost. 

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However, the services provided by Namecheap are quite deficient when compared to Bluehost. Although the price of Bluehost is high, the difference is marginal, but Bluehost’s services are way better than Namecheap. 

For instance, the cheapest plan of Namecheap offers 20 GB SSD AND 3 websites. Bluehost’s most affordable plan provides a website, free SSL certificate, various domains, five emails, 100 MB email storage, and unmetered bandwidth. 

Therefore, although pricing is less, the features in the minimum cost are provided by Bluehost only.


Round 4: WordPress Integration 


The WordPress configurations in both sites are pretty easy and efficient. The plugins can be selected easily from the panel. 

But, the WordPress integration in the case of Bluehost is more comfortable as compared to Namecheap. Also, the recommendation of has provided it with more weightage than any other company around. 

Therefore, Bluehost proves itself better than any other web hosting site in the market. 

Round 5: Hosting Features 

The real face-off is here: Hosting Features of Namecheap Vs. Bluehost. 


  • 1- month free VPN trial
  • Cost-efficient
  • Secure and fast
  • Good support
  • 2-factor authentication


  • SSL certification, HTTPS protocol
  • Cost-effective
  • Add-ons of site tools in bulk
  • 99.99% of uptime is assured
  • Huge email storage
  • Huge website storage
  • Integration through Cloudflare
  • CMS support

As it is, Bluehost wins this round of the race too.

So, when going for Namecheap Vs. Bluehost, for this round, Bluehost would be the best.

Round 6: Support 

Bluehost has been providing efficient support since its establishment. It provides knowledge-based support through live chat, phone, and email.

Namecheap offers through live chat, submission of a ticket, or knowledge-based post.

Bluehost is better because although both the sites provide 24/7 support, the options of contacting the support services are limited in the case of Namecheap.

Round 7: Uptime & Security 

Bluehost provides an uptime of 99.99%. Regarding the security, it assures the same through SSL certification, and the HTTPS protocol ensures that the client’s data is secured.

Namecheap tries to prove itself no less. Also, it makes sure by providing a one-day free service giving the claim.

Due to the detailed precision of Bluehost, the Namecheap cannot be considered an efficient web hosting site in terms of uptime and security.


Both the sites are quite reliable. However, the following points can clarify whether or not it should be included in our plan:

  • Namecheap is affordable, but its specifications lack some basic requirements.
  • Bluehost provides plans for all types of hosting at a feasible rate.