Justhost Vs. Bluehost: Which One Should You Prefer?

To the tonnes of web hosting sites around, it’s essential to choose what suits your needs. If we speak of speed, both the sites cater to the client’s needs. However, Bluehost wins over Justhost in the following points. Here’s our take on Justhost Vs. Bluehost.

Our Verdict in A Nutshell

The answer to one is better is difficult; therefore, we have analyzed the essential features that a hosting web site must-have.

For starters, we can say that Bluehost is one of the most trusted sites (officially recommended by WordPress) since 1996.

Round 1: Features & Ease of Use 

Suppose you’re looking for a website that provides you with a free domain, the best apps on the web, unlimited email address along with auto-responders and forwarding, handy control panels. In that case, you can direct yourself to Justhost.

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However, if you’re looking for a trusted website with a free SSL certificate and Premium Cloudfare CDN, 1 click WordPress install, 24/7 support, high-speed (around 600 ms), 30-day money-back guarantee, then you must choose Bluehost.

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Concerning feature, Bluehost is better than Justhost as Bluehost has more features and is more efficient. 

Round 2: Speed (Load Times)

Justhost Speed TimeBluehost Speed Time
1.31 seconds1.12 seconds

When talking about speed in the race of Justhost Vs. Bluehost, it is evident that Bluehost is faster than Justhost. 

Bluehost is faster than 85% of the web hosting sites (approximately) because of the SSD storage.

For Justhost, although it is slightly slower than Bluehost, it affects the SEO traffic adversely. Since Bluehost was established years ago, several servers assure the connectivity to the nearest servers; hence, the speed is maintained. 

Undoubtedly, Bluehost takes it away from Justhost in this round.

Round 3: Prices & Plans 

Justhost PriceBluehost Price
Basic Plan: $3.95 per monthBasic: $3.95 per month
Plus Plan: $6.95 per monthPlus: $5.95 per month
Choice Plan: $6.95 per monthChoice Plus: $4.95 per month
Pro: $13.95 per month

Justhost offers three plans for different sub-domains, unlimited email accounts, and storage, etc.

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The pricing of Justhost’s plans are comparatively less; however, Bluehost provides more customizable plans for the clients. Choice Plus Plan of Bluehost is recommended as it is ideal for those who have made their mind for a business and those who own a small one.

Also, Bluehost offers the Pro Plan, which provides you with optimized web resources, which increases your website’s efficiency.

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While price remains a significant criterion, Bluehost’s Choice Plus plan is cheap yet accommodative of most of the client’s basic needs.

Round 4: WordPress Integration 

Justhost WordPress IntegrationBluehost WordPress Integration

Justhost provides the facility of a one-click installation of WordPress. The script library enables the users to get online within few moments.

However, Bluehost has more weightage, as WordPress officially recommends it. Bluehost provides select hosting options (WordPress and Woo Commerce websites). It also manages the traffic, provides site analytics, security, and backup in an entire WordPress bundle.

Apart from this, the factor making the use of Bluehost much more comfortable is the Premium Cloudfare CDN, which is provided for free. The interface is pretty user-friendly. It has a one-click WordPress install. 

Bluehost is much more convenient and easier-to-use in the case of WordPress integration if compared to Justhost.

Round 5: Hosting Features 

The feature face-off clarifies a lot of things:


  • Free domain name
  • Plenty of disk space
  • Free marketing tools
  • Free email address
  • Free website builder
  • One-click WordPress install
  • Uptime of about 99.88%


  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Free domain for one year
  • Provides online stores (Woo Commerce)
  • Provides Cloudfare CDN for free 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Reputed and recommended by WordPress officially
  • Uptime as high as 99.9%
  • Fast and secure as an overall experience 

Without a doubt, with this, Bluehost can be chosen as the winner in the face-off Justhost Vs. Bluehost

Round 6: Support 

Bluehost has been catering to the services required by its clients for a long time. It has a 24/7 available support system. Justhost provides the necessary support as well, but often with a delay.

So, in terms of customer support, Bluehost provides both precise and quick results.

Round 7: Uptime & Security 

Justhost gives an average uptime of about 99.94%, which is pretty less than the average industry standards. It provides SSL certificate and anti-spam protection but charges extra for it.

On the other hand, every Bluehost plan assures reduced server latency and adds protection from DDoS attacks. Also, it ensures an SSL certificate. The uptime given by Bluehost is about 99.9%.

Therefore, Bluehost wins here, too, because of the add on security provided.


Undoubtedly both the hosting companies are ideal in their way, but the following points need to be considered before choosing between the two:

  • Justhost is apt for you if you want a cheap plan with shared hosting.
  • Bluehost will be the best if you want a fast, secure, efficient, reputed, and easy-to-use site.