Dreamhost Vs. Bluehost: Which One Is Best for WordPress?

WordPress hosting is the step up to success when you enter into e-business. This helps you to set your website in such a manner that it matches the WordPress integrations. However, with such a competition, we felt that we should ease out your issues of choosing one of these, Dreamhost Vs. Bluehost. 

Our Verdict in A Nutshell

It is not easy to decide which one among the two is best for WordPress hosting. However, subjectively, it can be decided. 

WordPress Integration should be hassle-free and safe. For the initials, it can be stated that Dreamhost is a little cheaper than Bluehost. 

Round 1: Features & Ease of Use 

Suppose you want a service provider that offers a comfortable WordPress handle, a lifetime domain, an SSL certificate, along with a guarantee of money back in 97 days. In that case, Dreamhost is apt for you. 

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Bluehost, on the other hand, is handy, secure, and assures 30-day money-back guarantee, too, but is costlier than Dreamhost. 

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So, in terms of features and ease of use, Dreamhost is ideal among the two. 

Round 2: Speed (Load Times)

Dreamhost Speed TimeBluehost Speed Time
1.45 seconds1.5 seconds

In the race of Dreamhost Vs. Bluehost, Dreamhost is faster than Bluehost. The difference is less but significant. The presence of the cPanel control panel makes it handier and user-friendly.

Dreamhost offers 100% uptime. Suppose the speed falls during an hour; they offer a leverage of 10% of the hosting fees. This ensures better maintenance of the website. 

However, Bluehost’s speed is minimally less. It ensures an uptime of 99.9%, which is less than Dreamhost. So, here, Dreamhost’s Integration with WordPress stands out and wins.

Round 3: Prices & Plans 

Dreamhost WordPressPriceBluehost WordPress Price
WordPress Starter: $3.95 per monthBasic Plan: $2.95 per month
WordPress Unlimited: $4.95 per monthPlus Plan: $4.95 per month

Choice Plus Plan: $5.45 per month

Dream host and Bluehost offer two, three plans, respectively. 
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The Choice Plan is recommended of all, as it is cheaper, yet efficient. It provides you with unique features like codeguard basic backup and 1 Microsoft 365 mailbox (for free for 30 days). 

Also, Bluehost offers two plans, but they fail to provide good value for money. The cost is low, but the features are quite basic.

So, Dreamhost wins this round, too.

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Round 4: WordPress Integration 

Dreamhost WordPress IntegrationBluehost WordPress Integration

The most significant feature comes here. Both of the sites are officially endorsed by WordPress.org. The reliability becomes unquestionable in this case for both the web hosting sites. 

The Dreamhost and Bluehost come with pre-installed WordPress. They offer the easiest integration for those who use popular CMS to build their website.

Dreamhost offers daily backup, automatic WordPress updates, custom hosting dashboard.

Bluehost comes with a one-year free domain website registration and free SSL certificate. The presence of the cPanel control panel makes the website faster.

Dreamhost wins over Bluehost in this section of Dreamhost Vs. Bluehost.

Round 5: Hosting Features 

Time to clarify some more details about the two:


  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Easy WP website builder
  • 100% uptime guarantee 
  • Daily backups
  • Support 24/7 available
  • Free domain name for a year
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • WordPress is pre-installed 


  • SSL certificate is free of cost 
  • WordPress updates automatically
  • WordPress can be installed in one click
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Domain name is provided for free for a year
  • Website staging environment
  • 24/7 support
  • Easy access through cPanel

The features add up to the advantages of getting a Dreamhost site and announces it as a winner.

Round 6: Support 

Dreamhost offers knowledge-based support. Other than this, there is three more option, named, System Status, Discussion Forums, and Contact Tech support. 

Round 7: Uptime & Security 

The most impressive thing about Dreamhost is that it offers 100% uptime. It is best among the top-notch web hosting sites in the market. In terms of security, malware remover, SSL/TLS certificate, mod_security, lua_resty_raf is assured by Dreamhost.

Bluehost is equally protected, too. However, the uptime assured is 99.9% 

So, in this section, we believe you should go with Dreamhost. 


Both the sites are excellent and efficient in their ways, but you need to be sure about your specific requirements while consulting a web hosting g site. The following points must be taken into account for both the sites:

  • Dreamhost must be chosen if you wish to have strong security on your data 
  • Bluehost is reliable, too, and can be chosen while keeping into account its accessibility.