Bluehost Vs. iPage: Which One Is Suitable for You?

While there are various ways to increase and manage traffic on your website, a useful web hosting site plays a significant role in managing your website and business. Check out our take on Bluehost Vs. iPage.

Our Verdict in A Nutshell

Stating one as the best and the other below it is one of the most challenging tasks. Therefore, we have brought you detailed features for selecting between Bluehost Vs. iPage.

Round 1: Features & Ease of Use 

iPage offers domains name directly from its website, which makes it easy for the users. It has kept its plan simple with no extra plans, but one. The world-class technology promises feature like a $100 ads offer (Google), free building tools in WordPress, Endurance International Group (EIG), and free security locks by SiteLock.

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But, if you want a domain that is facilitated with features like an easy-to-use control panel(cPanel), fast servers, unlimited storage, and secure network, that too at a feasible cost, then Bluehost is the best for you.

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So, Bluehost fulfills all the requirements of an efficient web hosting site regarding the features and ease of use.

Round 2: Speed (Load Times)

Bluehost Speed TimeiPage Speed Time
1.40 seconds1.5 seconds

Considering the speed for Bluehost Vs. iPage, Bluehost comes out to be the fastest, but with a marginal difference.

Although both the web hosting sites offer an uptime of 99.9% or more, Bluehost is the fastest and assures an uptime of about 99.99% (on maximum occasions). The addition of CDN ensures speed in the case of Bluehost.

With no second thoughts, Bluehost wins this round of the race Bluehost Vs. iPage.

Round 3: Prices & Plans

Bluehost PriceiPage Price
Basic Plan: $2.95 per monthGo Plan: $1.99 per month
Plus Plan: $5.95
Choice Plus Plan: $4.95 per month
Go Pro: $13.95 per month

Bluehost offers four plans: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro plan, whereby the cheapest plan starts at $2.65 per month. 

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Bluehost’s cheapest plan offers one website, 50 GB SSD, custom themes, free domain for a year, CDN and SSL certificate, along with 24/7 support.

iPage offers only one plan, which starts with $1.99 per month (if charged for 36 months). This plan provides features like unlimited websites and storage, free SSL certificate, domain for a year, standard email address, and website builder. 

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The features offered by both the sites are somehow the same. But, iPage has the upper hand because of the features it provides.

Round 4: WordPress Integration 

Bluehost WordPress IntegrationiPage WordPress Integration

The WordPress integration is simplistic, with easy installations and plugins. Bluehost provides easy access to WordPress hosting. For more than a decade, it has been officially recommended by The traffic management, site analytics, security, and backup add up to its WordPress Integration.

Installing a plugin in iPage is an easy process. There are proper updates and active installations provided.

With no second thoughts, Bluehost has better WordPress integration than iPage.

Round 5: Hosting Features 

Now moving on to one of the best sections of our review, the feature-face-off. 


  • Fast and secure
  • Efficient WordPress Integration 
  • Uptime of about 99.99% is assured
  • SSL certificate is provided for free to ensure security
  • Free migrations
  • Site loading speed-up through Cloudflare CDN 
  • Site builders for free
  • Customized cPanel API for small as well as large business
  • Additional security features are present as well


  • World-class technology 
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 24/7 support
  • $100 ads offer (Google)
  • Free security scans by SideLock
  • Free SSL certificate 

With the detailed features of Bluehost, it wins this round, too.

Round 6: Support 

Bluehost offers support through live chat (knowledge base). iPage, on the other hand, provides standard support through phone, chat, and mail.

So, concerning customer support, Bluehost provides both quick and precise results.

Round 7: Uptime & Security 

The uptime of Bluehost is 99.99% thus, remains the best among the two. The server latency is reduced and adds protection from DDoS attacks. Also, it provides a free SSL certificate. 

The uptime given by iPage is quite average. Security is assured through SiteLock and SSL certificate. 

So, while going for Bluehost Vs. iPage, for this round, you can choose Bluehost over iPage.


Bluehost Vs. iPage assures quality services to their clients; the following points must be taken into account while choosing one of the above:

  • Bluehost is fast, secure, and has a reputation for providing excellent services to its users.
  • iPage can be chosen if uptime and speed are not your concern.

Since the plans will be chosen for an extended period, it is essential to choose wisely.