A2 Hosting Vs. Bluehost: Which One Should Be Chosen?

A discussion about web hosting sites cannot be complete without a mention of A2 Hosting Vs. Bluehost. With all the features and updates, both sites remain on the top list. Therefore, we felt it necessary to monitor the two. The following is our outlook towards the two.

Our Verdict in A Nutshell

Both sites are easy to go for small as well as large businesses. Also, the pricing is quite affordable. 

Therefore, it is challenging to state which one is the better one between the two. For starters, it can be stated that A2 Hosting is better than Bluehost in the matter of speed.

Round 1: Features & Ease of Use 

If you wish to get a web hosting site that is affordable, affiliated with reputed authority, and can boost your business with its efficient support and speed, then A2 Hosting is the best one for you.

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But, if you are a newbie in the web hosting world, and wish to get a site with the least hassle and easy to use control panel, then Bluehost might be your choice. 

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With various features provided by A2 Hosting, you can choose it anytime you are in a dilemma for A2 Hosting Vs. Bluehost.

Round 2: Speed (Load Times)

A2 Hosting Speed TimeBluehost Speed Time
1.0 seconds1.90 seconds

Both web hosting sites facilitate with great speed, but A2 remains faster than Bluehost on most occasions. Bluehost servers are located in North America. 

But, the servers of A2 Hosting are located in North America, Asia, and Europe. That is how the speed of A2 Hosting has escalated comparatively.

With the unmanaged hosting in A2, the RAM offered is 512 GB. Therefore, with the precisions, A2 hosting excels here, too.

Round 3: Prices & Plans 

A2 Hosting PriceBluehost Price
Startup Plan: $1.99per monthBasic Plan: $2.95 per month
Business Plan: $3.99 per monthPlus Plan: $5.95 per month
Expert Plan: $4.99 per monthChoice Plus Plan: $4.95 per month
Turbo Max Plan: $ 9.99 per monthPro Plan: $13.95 per month
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The pricing of A2 Hosting is cheaper as compared to Bluehost. Also, with the features given in A2 Hosting, it is the best in the market. The boost solutions through SSD, 24/7 Guru Crew support, and Cloudflare CDN are the basic to all the plans. 

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Bluehost is affordable too, but the features are not as efficient as that of A2 Hosting. Softaculous helps the users to install popular web applications. 

Therefore, with the given specifications and shared web hosting plans, A2 wins this round of the race A2 hosting Vs. Bluehost.

Round 4: WordPress Integration 

A2 hosting WordPress IntegrationBluehost WordPress Integration

If compared to A2 Hosting, Bluehost’s WordPress integrations fall out of hands by a marginal difference. Joomla, Drupal, etc., are offered by A2. With the protection of PHP7 and HTTPS protection, A2 offers pre-installation of WordPress. 

But the fact that WordPress recommends Bluehost gives it a weightage for sure. 

However, the services provided by A2 are no less. 

Therefore, A2 can be chosen over Bluehost at any time.

Round 5: Hosting Features 

The feature face-off is here to clarify the left-out details.

A2 Hosting

  • 1-click installations for WordPress
  • Affordable and secure
  • Memcached caching and OPcache are installed beforehand
  • With the restore options, Hackscan is provided for free
  • Uptime of about 99.9%
  • Support 24/7 is provided through GURU Crew customer support 
  • Turbo Hosting platform lowers the load on each server


  • Offers an uptime of about 99.99%
  • Recommendation from WordPress.org
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free domain
  • Secure and affordable 

With a clear distinction, A2 is the better option.

Round 6: Support 

Both web hosting sites provide pretty good support. Support through live chat, phone, email, forum, video guides, and knowledge base is provided in both the sites. 

Therefore, both prove themselves efficient in the matter of support.

Round 7: Uptime & Security 

Bluehost claims to offer an uptime of 99.99%. The security is assured through the HTTPS protocol and SSL certificate. 

In addition to the security, in A2 hosting, open VPN and DDoS protection are provided to the clients.

Therefore, A2 stands out as a better option.


Both web hosting sites are significant in terms of the facilities they provide, but the following points decide which one should be chosen eventually:

  • A2 hosting can be chosen if you are a fan of speed, security, and affordability. 
  • Bluehost can be chosen if affordability is not an issue for you.

Although, throughout the analysis, it is evident that A2 hosting will stand out always when A2 Hosting Vs. Bluehost is taken into account. 

A2 Hosting